recreational pools

Turn your yard
into an oasis

Sources of well-being and memorable moments, the fibreglass pools we create breathe freshness and energy into everyone who gets wet.

Attractive, comfortable and durable, Mova swimming pools are optimized to offer the best value for your money.

Enjoy your summer in peace

Contemporary pools

Whether you want to cool off, relax, swim or have fun with friends and family, make the most of your summer in one of our contemporary swimming pools. Country, Zen, modern or eclectic, our products suit any landscape.

From design to maintenance, we have conceived and produced this collection by combining the best materials with advanced technologies to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers, all while offering the best value anywhere.

An unparalleled
insulation system

Our insulation system, the result of a continuous research and development process, has been designed to guarantee thermal continuity of the structure envelope and limit thermal bridges. Plus, the insulation we use offers thermal resistance of R-7 per inch, the highest on the market. The result: our swimming pools keep the water temperature warmer longer thanks to the insulation weather stripping. Three seasons out of four, you can enjoy fully all the joys of being in the water.

An ultra-comfortable

When your feet touch the bottom or the walls, the feeling is soft and pleasant. All of our pools feature a smooth, glossy and uniform surface finish. The monohulled structure is joint-free to assure our pools are more watertight, rigid and easier to maintain than in-ground pools equipped with liners.

Contrasting, non-slip steps

Set at the perfect height and featuring a contrasting colour, our non-slip steps assure you can enter the pool smoothly and safely. A result of our expertise and committed to excellence, our steps’ quality exceeds industry standards.


Because nature embodies every taste, the fibreglass pools in our contemporary collection complement all styles, terrains and landscapes. Whether you prefer urban, country or Zen, whatever your tastes, our pools will blend perfectly with your surroundings.











Contemporary fibreglass pools come in two colours. Do you want a specific colour? Talk to a retailer and make your vision a reality.

Sea foam

Deep gray

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