Technologies - Piscines Mova


Manufactured by Fibre Design, a specialist in designing and manufacturing industrial and composite components, Mova fiberglass swimming pools benefit from their parent company’s unique expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. Combining superior quality materials with a unique manufacturing process, as well as the know-how of seasoned engineers and technicians, they exceed industry standards to offer durability, optimal insulation and ultimate comfort.

MOVAMAX injection technology exclusive to Mova Pools
Technologies - Piscines Mova
  • The strongest fibreglass pools on the market thanks to MovaMax technology
  • Our technology is ahead of environmental standards
  • Contrasting color steps for added safety
  • Superior polyurethane insulation keeps water warmer longer

Our technologies

Composite materials
reinforced with fiberglass

In order to provide an optimal insulation system, our swimming pools have monohulled structures made of composite materials reinforced with fiberglass and vinyl ester, a material with exceptional properties:

  • Resistant to bending and cracking
  • Resistant to impacts and temperature changes (freezing and thawing)
  • Resistant to stress during installation
  • Resistant to penetration of water which causes osmosis
Technologies - Piscines Mova

Superior quality
insulation materials

To achieve optimal insulation, Mova swimming pool walls are reinforced with 1.5 inch polyurethane foam as well as type 4 extruded polystyrene to assure a straight bottom.

Polyurethane foam offers several advantages:

  • Ideal weather stripping for cutting thermal bridges.
  • Fully adheres to the surface of the structure, seeping into the smallest cracks, leaving no air space between the insulation and the walls.
  • Highly resistant to mould, will not crush, settle or crumble.
  • Does not decompose – no risk of contaminating the soil.
  • Thermal resistance of R-6 to R-7 per inch – the highest on the market and the highest grade of all insulating materials.

The superior insulation process of high quality materials means you can enjoy your Mova pool from spring to fall without worrying about the cold.

An optimized insulation
application process

We use a unique process to apply the polyurethane foam. It is actually squirted, which makes it possible to obtain a hull free from joints and, as a result, perfectly watertight. Air can’t infiltrate, so heat loss is avoided.

In addition, when applying the insulation, our technicians focus on areas that are often neglected, especially under steps and benches where air pockets tend to form over the years. When the space under the steps is filled, the cold coming from the ground is cut and the structure is reinforced. Designed to last 25 years, our swimming pools are better protected from cracks.

A high-gloss, comfortable and easy-care surface finish
To obtain their smooth, glossy and uniform surface finish, Mova pools are sanded to a mirror finish. On top of providing a pleasant feeling, this ultra-shiny (the brightest on the market!) and non-porous finish is very easy to maintain. Compared to a vinyl liner, there’s no risk of being punctured or needing replacement. When compared to concrete, Mova pools need no touch-up paint or re-finishing. Even after 20 years, their original luster remains.

Technologies - Piscines Mova
Technologies - Piscines Mova


To protect swimmers and stabilize their movements in the water, a non-slip texture is integrated into the pool’s monohulled structure during moulding.

When finishing, a contrasting colour paint is applied to the steps so they are more visible in the water.

A safer and more eco-responsible
vacuum infusion

To avoid the presence of pollutants in the air, the mould is covered with a membrane. Resin is then injected through the ends to limit material loss. This maximizes the use of materials. Several layers of laminates can then be used to build the pool walls and reinforce them as much as possible. The result is a quality product that exceeds industry standards and is offered at an affordable price.

In addition, this unique process makes it impossible to produce vapour or fiberglass particles. It’s more eco-responsible and helps provide our employees with a healthier and safer work environment.

Technologies - Piscines Mova