Une technologie de fabrication unique - Piscines Mova

Technology for your peace of mind

After many years of research and development, Mova has developed a manufacturing technology completely different from that used by North American pool manufacturers, which makes it possible to build stronger pools in an eco-responsible way: MovaMax technology.

Our pools feature monocoque composite structures reinforced with various materials with exceptional properties, using a process inspired by the manufacture of wind turbine blades and expedition sailboats.

As a result, they are highly resistant to:

  • cracking
  • freezing and thawing
  • stress during installation
  • water penetration causing osmosis

Over and above industry standards, our technologies are the fruit of a continuous process of innovation, optimization and satisfaction.

Our manufacturing process

All North American manufacturers of fiberglass pools spray resin on the mold simultaneously with the fiberglass. Although this process is one of the most widespread, it has several drawbacks:

  • The resin, when sprayed (in liquid form), comes into contact with the air and causes the emission of styrene solvents into the atmosphere, which is harmful for employees to breathe.
  • Resin is a brittle material like glass, so it creates a fiberglass that is weaker, more brittle and more susceptible to cracking and breakage.

MovaMax injection technology exclusive to Mova pools

Mova has taken the time to develop a process that overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional pool manufacturing process:

By infusing the resin in a vacuum environment, the styrene solvent present in the resin is trapped, thus emitting no toxic gases into the air. This process is therefore more eco-responsible, and contributes to providing our employees with a healthier and safer work environment.

The MovaMax process ensures an optimum fiber/resin ratio. The fiberglass is compressed by the vacuum, optimizing the quantity of fiberglass in the composite. The result is a composite material that is stronger, less brittle and more resistant to flexion.

All Mova pools are manufactured using MovaMax technology.

Une technologie de fabrication unique - Piscines Mova
Une technologie de fabrication unique - Piscines Mova

insulation process

The superior 1.2.3 insulation of Mova pools

Mova manufactures the best-insulated fibreglass pools on the market. Our triple-action insulation offers several advantages:

  • Keeps your water warmer longer, by creating a barrier between your pool and the cold ground.
  • Acts as a cushion under the pool to create protection against rocks in the ground, allowing you to enjoy a perfectly straight and soft comfortable bottom, without ever feeling rocks under the pool.
  • Adds strength to the shell.
  • Completely fills the voids under steps and benches, ensuring that even if the ground compacts over time, you won’t feel air pockets that otherwise create an unpleasant bouncing effect.

The walls

We insulate the walls of our pools with 1-inch-thick spray polyurethane foam. This foam has many advantages:

  • It adheres completely to the surface of the walls and seeps into even the smallest cracks. There are no air spaces left between the insulation and the walls.
  • Its R-7 insulation rating is the highest of all insulating materials.
  • It is highly resistant to mold, and will not crush, settle or crumble. As it does not decompose, there is no risk of it contaminating the soil.

The bottom

The bottom of our pools is insulated with an extruded type 4 polystyrene panel. This material has an insulation rating of R-5, which will help retain the heat of the water in your pool. Mova is the only manufacturer to offer this type of bottom insulation.

Steps and benches

Our technicians pay special attention to spraying polyurethane foam under the steps and benches of all our pools. There’s so much polyurethane under the steps and benches that the horizontal surfaces under these areas become oblique, making backfilling easier for installers.

Mova is the only manufacturer to reinforce its steps and benches in this way, and you can rest assured that you’ll never feel a bounce in a Mova pool.

Safety first
in your Mova pool

All our pools feature contrasting anti-slip steps.

To provide the best possible safety for bathers, an anti-slip texture and a contrasting color are integrated into the steps during the molding of all our Mova pools. The anti-slip properties are maintained throughout the life of your pool.

Une technologie de fabrication unique - Piscines Mova
Une technologie de fabrication unique - Piscines Mova

Diamond finish,
unique to Mova

A high-gloss surface finish that’s comfortable and easy to maintain

All Mova pools feature a Diamond interior finish that will retain its original lustre for decades. This glossy, ultra-smooth, non-porous finish is unique to Mova pools. It makes all our pools much easier to maintain, as dirt adheres less to the finish, making the task of washing faster and less arduous.

Compared to a vinyl liner, our Diamond finish has no risk of being punctured and therefore requiring replacement. Compared with concrete plaster, it has the advantage of requiring no paint touch-up or redecoration. Last but not least, its original lustre can always be restored, even after 20 years.